Thursday, 12 November 2009

LG KM380 pink Chrome Designed for Music Lovers

LG KM380 Pink Chrome Electronics has started to launch multimedia handsets especially designed for music lovers on the mobile phone market. The fact didn't go unnoticed by more experienced mobile phones manufacturers (Nokia, Sony Ericsson), which are delivering the best music phones. Even if LG knows that the leader position on this market is almost impossible to attain, yet it has started to improve its handsets in terms of multimedia features, by providing them with more functions than before.

The first device to mark an important leap forward for LG is the latest KM380 FLIP, which is among the first LG mobile phones to include a separate sound chip.Announced in February 2008, the mid-end slider has been launched on the market in March 2008 On the outside, KM380 may look just like another LG FLIP, but on the inside it's totally different. The updated firmware corrects some well-known bugs and confers greater functionality to the device. If you don't mind the 79-gram weight and you're looking for a cheap music phone, KM380 may be a good choice; at least for a while.

LG KM380 features an 800 mAh Li-Ion battery, which depletes at an average level, depending on your needs. The official numbers stated by LG - 250 hours of standby mode and 3 hours of talking - are again attainable, which is an improvement compared with other LG's handsets. Usually, I got about 2 days of use, with about 45 minutes of talking everyday. It might last longer, around 3-4 days, if you only use it for 1-2 short calls per day.

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