Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Save your Money with VOIP Technology

The term VOIP is abbreviated as " Voice over Internet Protocol ". It refers to a combination of a variety of transmission technologies which allow voice communications via Internet. It is also called as Internet telephony and facilitates the conversion of voice into a digital signal, which can be sent over the Internet. These signals are then compressed and converted into IP (Internet Protocol) for transmitting packets. The signals are then converted into a regular telephone signal,
if the user is using a normal phone. VOIP allows provision to make calls directly through a desktop computer and uses a special VOIP phone for last. The VOIP telephone offers services and benefits that are not offered by a normal traditional phone.

The benefits of VOIP Technology are listed below:

1.Cost Effectiveness: The major advantage of VOIP is its cost-effectiveness, which in turn adds to the savings of consumers. In General, you can save upto 30% to 50% of the traditional phone bill, and sometimes even more. It may not seem as lucrative for individuals, but if large organizations are considered, the savings can be in the millions.

2.Flexibility: Internet telephony offers greater provision to the users for the integration of computer applications like email, efax and Web conferencing, with the phone. It allows the use of phone, while accessing all the other programs, and
browsing the Internet, all activities at a single time. It is also possible for the users to make VOIP adapters anywhere, and use their number from any place with Internet connection. This feature is particularly useful for those who have active lives and whose jobs require much travel. The calls made using this Technology are comparatively cheaper than normal phone calls.

3. Increased Production: Installing Internet telephony can amend the productivity of an organization. As the technology is profitable, the money saved can be invested for other activities and processes. VOIP services allow the users for the attachment
of documents to voice messages or to participate in virtual meetings using shared data and videoconferencing. The Voice quality in VOIP Phones is also very crisp and clear. Earlier, speaking through VOIP phones often led to calls that have been distorted, late and even voice failure. But, With improvement in technology, the clarity of sound has become better and rarely the calls are dropped.

4. Simple and scalable infrastructure: The installation procedure for mobile VOIP is very simple, and once completed, a high mobility of the system is an supplementary advantage. Individual wiring for telephone systems is not required in VOIP Technology. Infrastructure of the whole system is very scalable and new components can be added up easily without too much fuss. As the voice is transferred, it is converted into signals depending upon the software in use. It is very easy to make
alterations or to maintain the entire system. All these attributes add to the popularity of VOIP Technology.

VOIP aggregates voice and data networks onto a single network, thus creating a more manageable, cost effective and productive solution for business communications. Besides the above the mentioned benefits, , wireless VOIP Technology lets the users to make calls at very low tariffs from anywhere and also eases the WiFi. The WiFi access points may include airports, cafeterias, hotels and other locations. Hope, Now you must be aware about the benefits of VOIP Technology and How you can save your Money with VOIP Technology.

Author: Kewin Lawton

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