Tuesday, 19 October 2010

HTC reveals the HTC Gratia with Android 2.2

HTC Gratia It is intended for relatively low Android handset, and functionally almost identical to HTC Legend announced earlier this year. There was no Legend't just a big commercial success. Compared with HTC Desire, Legend seemed overpriced given its modest specification. Of the two, Legend was definitely better looking phone. but Desire is a handset that HTC can't that enough.

HTC Gratia observers may be recognized as essentially the European version of HTC Aria, which was sold only in Asia. The main difference between Gratia and Aria is a newer phone that runs Android 2.2 instead of 2.1.

HTC Wildfire but not as good as Desire. We would expect that the price falls somewhere between Wildfire and Desire too. Our guess is that Gratia retail for around € 350 SIM-free.

As is typical for the HTC Android phone, HTC Sense Gratia runs on top of standard user interface Android, and it also comes with HTC's Friendstream application that helps you track your friends and managing updates to social networking.

We know that the HTC Gratia available from November onwards in black, white and green color scheme.

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