Friday, 3 September 2010

The Tablet To Challenge The Apple iPad - Samsung's Galaxy Tab

The Apple iPad tablet was released in mid-summer 2010 and has since then sold over 3 million units in the U.S. alone. The Apple tablet is very popular and has drastically re-energized the tablet market. There are lots of new Android and Windows based tablets now gunning for the Apple iPad's top spot. Here is the top contender.

First, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Android 2.2 (Froyo) tablet. This particular tablet comes with a 7-inch AMOLED display that features capacitive multi-touch. The tablet comes with run on a Samsung Hummingbird A8 1.2GHz processor --to compare the Apple iPad comes with a Apple A4 1Ghz processor-- which is ARM based just like the A4 chip from Apple.

The Samsung Galaxy tablet will be coming with internal storage of 16GB to 42GB. The tablet will also come with a front facing camera which will allow users to make video phone calls, the camera is 3.2 mega-pixels. Connectivity on the Galaxy Tab feature Wi-Fi and 3G, keep in mind the Galaxy Tab will be able to make regular phone calls. Pricing for the Samsung Galaxy tablet hasn't been made official just yet.

The official announcement for the Samsung first Google Android tablet is coming in Early September 2010. Hopefully the tablet will be on retail stores before the 2010 holiday season or the iPad will have no competition. The Apple iPad currently owns about 74 percent of the tablet market and analysts are only calling for that to start decreasing in the year 2012. If Samsung can price the Galaxy Tab "GT-P1000" around the $400 mark they will have great success.

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