Monday, 12 October 2009

The Main 3 Advantages Of Purchasing Phone Cards Online

As people are becoming aware of the advantages of the prepaid phone cards their sales are rising. As the demand for these prepaid calling cards increases the number of brands is also increasing. Some of these brands cater to a country, some a continent and others are international calling cards.

If a person does not want to change that cell phone or landline phone service provider prepaid calling cards are a very good option to make international calls. These phone cards allow the buyer to make international and long distance calls via a local access or toll free number. These cards have minimum tariff with no hidden costs. The tariff can be anywhere from 1 cent to 30 cents. This helps the user to cut down their telephone bills by 80%. These prepaid calling cards are a boon in these times of recession. These phone cards offer motility to the user as they are easy to carry - they are slim and light as credit cards can carry money on them to make a phone call - whenever and wherever. They can be used on cellular phones,
public and home phones and phones that do not have an international call access. It gives you anonymity and independence - as these calls cannot be traced and are not
connected to any cellular or landline service.

They can be bought in supermarkets and online. The option of buying these cards online is better as the phone card sites show myriad options to buy phone cards to all the 128 countries in the world. For each specific country there are many options to choose from. The website shows all these options too. The vendors make certain that the fine print too is mentioned along with the other countries that particular calling card offers. As the tariff of the phone cards is the minimum possible anywhere in the world - these calling cards are very popular with students and other budget travellers. More and more people are becoming techno-savvy and internet smart. The internet is like their Aladdin's lamp which grants their wish. They only have to Google their requirement and myriad options to choose from are a click away.

There are a wide brands and range of international calling cards to choose from on these sites. These sites are desirable as they allow the user to see the range of calling cards available and compare the tariffs and prices of each besides the service charges offered by each. One can even check for connectivity charges, maintenance charges and others. After the user has chosen the appropriate calling card all they have to do is pay for it online like any other thing they buy on the online stores. The conformation mail will be sent to their mentioned mailbox. After the conformation mail is received and acknowledged the server sends out the access number, the PIN, the tariff and the number of minutes in the next mail. This mail
requires to be saved for future reference. And then you are ready to use your virtual calling card.

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