Sunday, 3 October 2010

Nokia N8 vs iPhone 4 Camera Comparison

Nokia N8 started shipping this week and reviews of the Finnish company's latest flagship spread like wildfire. Control of the first batch of them, we noticed a certain trend that we can not quite explain. It seems that for some reason most of the reviewers do not give the handset a fair chance and go a little too far with their criticisms.

Now, the thing is the iPhone 4 and Bold users have obviously had their handsets in a while, but the guy with the N8 is obviously not perfectly familiar with its interface yet. There is some hesitation on his part here and there that we think affects the results unfairly. Not to mention the slower write speed that is at least as much down to the lack of practice since it is the keyboard imperfection.

Also for the second task (mapping directions) three completely different applications running on those units that do not make you a fair comparison. Let alone"taking a picture"challenge, where N8 is north of nine seconds to start his camera. Well, has played with several N8 units already we have never seen one that takes so much time to get into recording mode.

What's the first thing you should do when you get รก N8? Considering it packs The largest image sensor built into the phone yet, Carl Zeiss optics, and eight-digit pixel count, it seemed obvious to us that the answer was to take it on video and video-taking stroll around London. On the way out we saw our iPhone 4 looking all sad and lonely, so we went ahead and brought her along as well. Below you will find a gallery of pure, unadulterated N8 sample shots, interspersed with other iPhone's results for comparison's sake, and the final one with side by side 100 percent crops from each picture taker. When you've digested all of them, we recommend jumping past the break and tucking into some tasty comparison video for dessert.

Of course, all the images completely unretouched (but for our masterly Watermarking) and iPhone 4's HDR hocus pocus has been abandoned. We've also provided zip file containing all the full resolution imagery shot N8 on the link below.

A quick note is also merited on the N8's resolution. Sensor's display is the ratio 04:03, which means that the full 12 megapixel shots are only available in this section. The camera software, however, default to shoot 9-megapixel snapshot of the growing popularity of 16:09 ratio - this is done simply by cropping off"above"bars at the top and bottom of the picture, which means that 9-megapixel images give us as performance 12 megapixel ones, They just chopped down (from 4000 x 3000-4000 x 2248) for the sake of convenience.

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