Tuesday, 1 December 2009

How do I choose a good mobile phone

Here are some ways in which I can choose a good mobile phone. There are so many things advertised about a mobile phone these days, that we forget the basic functionality of a phone: calling feature. So make sure, you make an informed decision about the mobile phone that you are buying.

First, check for a clear voice quality. This is the basic functionality of the phone, which a lot of people overlook. The phone is of no use if you cannot hear the voice of a caller when you are driving down the highway. Secondly go for a phone that
has simple interface for navigation. If you have to do three menu selections just to type an SMS, it means the phone is of no good use.

Another critical thing to check is the battery life. Go for a battery that can last for a few days. Do not pay much attention to the "standby" battery life but look for one that gives good battery life during your normal day to day use. Nowadays Bluetooth is fast becoming a necessity than a luxury. Go for a phone that can connect instantly to any Bluetooth enabled phone and helps you transfer data, messages, images, videos etc for free


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