Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sony Ericsson Jalou the New Sexy Phone

Sony Ericsson will be release the mobile phone with different advantages has a special design intended for the fashioners. Recently, Sony Ericsson officially announced their latest mobile phone is Jalou, this mobile phone which is designed for the fashioners, especially for women. Because the design was on the phone Sony Ericsson Jalou be at a glance if this is similar to the make up. Sony Ericsson Jalou also present in the version of Jalou by Dolce&Gabbana limited edition Mobile phone.

The advantages of the Sony Ericsson Jalou are very suitable for women consumers that has a screen can be changed to mirror the push of a button. So you can still dress up and style wherever you are. Besides the features offered are supported with 3.2 MP camera, Bluetooth, Music Player, Stereo FM Radio, Email, IM, Youtube, Google search, Google maps and A-GPS. Also supported with 2-inch QVGA display, making Sony Ericsson Jalou as a clamshell phone that is suitable for women.

Sony Ericsson Jalou offers a choice of colors which is very interesting, such as Blue Aquamarine, Deep Amethys and Onyx Black. While for Sony Ericsson Jalou edition Dolce & Gabbana designs are offered with a 24 carat gold-plated, making Sony Ericsson Jalou this edition looks very elegant and luxurious.
Do you interesting? Jalou will be available in the fourth quarter 2009…


Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Advantages and Disadvantages of iPhone3Gs

In the style of Apple, the iPhone's of face looks very interesting, and easy to use. On the main menu, icon series color displays main functions of the phone. Icon for phone, mail, Safari browser and iPod player occupying the bottom of the screen, while others features such as camera, calendar, and the settings are on position. Very easy to find all features, and we like menus important not buried under random menus. Animation that delivers soft switching between functions and you can move the menu very quickly.
Although the Apple handset is not the first to use touch screen, but this are the first mobile phones that have such great attention and in such great expectations. Depending on what you do, touch screen this will serve as your dial pad, keyboard, browser, and music or video player. Like others, we are also quite skeptical as effective as what this touch screen can overcome all these functions.

Although there is no response back from the keypad, we do not have trouble using our fingers to activate functions and interact with the main menu. Dialpad in the display is very easy to use, and even the keyboard on the screen is not so difficult to use. Typing message fast enough and we can press the correct letter, even with large fingers. Correction software that is integrated to help reduce errors with suggested words when typing, and is usually quite accurate.

However, the interface and keyboard are still not really good. For a start, while typing an email or text message, the keyboard only appears when you hold the iPhone vertically. A result, you can only type using one finger, where it reduces the speed of your typing. Using two hands is only possible, but quite difficult if there are two thumbs typing while holding the iPhone in the same time. Moreover, basic punctuation such as dots or commas is in the secondary keyboard (frustrating he he he ). If you often type or send an email, we encourage you to try it out first.


Saturday, 1 August 2009

Nokia N82 Unique Mobile Phone

There are unique from the Nokia N82 is the position sensor has a screen automatically follow the movement, either landscape or portrait. So at the time of opening the gallery, browsing the Internet or view digital maps at the landscape so that wider view. Nokia N82 has many features, among others, current 5 Mega pixel camera plus Xenon flash light, Assisted GPS, gaming platform N-Gage, a full connectivity and fast, Quick office, and others.

The design of N82 is not showing her the extraordinary, the phone looks like candy bar design with the other. But the way we browse all the features and capabilities we will be different views on this phone. Many of the key shortcuts are prepared by the manufacturer of the phone in order to facilitate the user in maximizing the features. Dimension of 112 x 50.2 x 17.3 mm with a weight of 114 grams. Fair to save weight to the shirt pocket.

For location and key keypad, located on the right side of the key shortcut camera, gallery, volume control and speaker holes. Meanwhile, on the left have micro SD slot, TV Out and USB charger. Located on the back of the camera lens Tesar, Carl Zeiss and the Xenon flash light. Good again this camera is protected the lens cap, which also serves to activate the camera.

Can be spelled with 5Mpix quality; this camera phone is the highest quality in the market at this time. Be regarded a good result. In overcast conditions the image can be caught with a good even though the settings automatically. Features to maximize the support are very comprehensive, ranging from the effect, WB, Exposure Compensation, light senility and macro mode.

On the music menu that is a four part music player, radio, Pod casting, and music store. So we can play music from anywhere, can transfer via USB / Bluetooth, subscribe on the pod cast and radio. Quality dual speakers no doubt, set the maximum sound not loud enough and broken The hole is located next to the speakers so there is no obstruction discharge sound. Menu support for improving the quality of music is quite complete, such as Equalizer, stereo widening, loudness and balance. There is also a stereo headset HS 43, the phone also supports A2DP Bluetooth headset device.

Nokia N82
GPS accuracy can be relied on. Searching digital maps in Nokia Maps can be searched based on GPS position, Address, keyword search, nearby, guides, and the recent landmark.

Photographs of photographs from the camera and transfer Bluetooth can be play slideshow. For more enjoy can play music while accompanied in the library not to be bored and more varied. They can set it so that our photos and music matching when running slideshow.

Be sides entertainment and multimedia applications that have the N82.Also has Applications such as Quickoffice, Quickword, Quickpoint Quick sheet and like in Microsoft Office. In addition, in the Office folder also installed to open the Adobe PDF file. Additional applications are in the Office Zip, Barcode, converter and Notes.

New game platform that can be used in the Nseries version of this demo we had trying, the FIFA 2007 and Asphalt 3, Street Rules. To play this ball game we can play in the setting for many of the world league and the team’s choice. While the game is Asphalt racing game which is very exciting. We can select the location of the seven locations of the city famous in the world and nine-car options. Unfortunately the demo version is very limited choice.

Seeing the battery BP 6 MT, Li-Ion 1050 mAh
According to vendor claims, capable of up to 225 hours standby (GSM) and 210 hours (WCDMA). Used to talk 260 minutes, video call to 190 minutes, plays video up to 200 minutes and play music 10 hours. Meanwhile, at the time tested, 6 hours to play more music, and play a game more than two hours browsing the internet and the battery not stand up to 1 day.

Used to call and SMS smoothly-oiled it. When used speaker call quality is quite clear even though the maximum volume is set. Display quality 3D games Asphalt and FIFA 2007 are regarded slick and smooth. Receive file transfer via Bluetooth of 133 kb from the other mobile phone in just seconds. Unfortunately, all the advanced features are greedily suck up battery power and not enough available.

Impressive technology enhances the LG GW520

LG launching of mobile phones that support the social-networking is Series LG GW520. This phone offers integration with social-networking sites (push-updates).
Data connectivity with 3G HSDPA high speed, the user can open the email and attachments faster. In addition, LG GW520 also provided camera strength 3.15 megapixel.

LG GW520 provide push-email via Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. In addition, also equipped with various features such as screen size of 2.8-inch touchscreen, 7.2Mbps HSDPA, and sliding QWERTY keyboard.
GW520 is also equipped with the accelerometer can be used for game playing motion-based. However, it seems users cannot save a lot of data, because the microSD slot is only capable of supporting up to 8 GB capacity.
Other new features that are planted LG LiveSquare that provide facilities for users to add animated characters in the main display for a friend or family represents the most frequently contacted.

LG realized that messaging feature is one of the very important and required the user's mobile phone. For that, the LG GW520, a vendor of origin South Korea gives in excess features. GW520 this on the phone, users can better maximize messaging features with SMS, MMS, Email, IM, Push Email to now get more attention as they often buzzed by one of Canada's original vendor competitors, Rim.

Mobile phone screen size of 2.8 inches is also big enough to see all the menu and display. Moreover, various screen TFT touchscreen, so users can simply touch the icon shown on the screen when using the keyboard lazy. This phone released the first in the UK has been using a Quadband GSM network and can run 3G HSDPA. Thus users need not worry at the time to open the email or attachment, as of course can be more quickly with these technologies.

In addition to messaging features that are specifically prepared, LG GW520 still consider the multimedia entertainment and fun for users. LG GW520 has 3.15 megapixel camera with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels is enough to save and upload your favorite photos on the phone. But, disadvantage there is no camera in front for videocall.

Music for the feature is also provided with a key icon directly on the keyboard tone. In addition, included also a document viewer application, so the more complete sophistication phone. LG GW520 provided diversiform battery Li-Ion 950 mAh capable survive up to 500 hours and used up to 5 hours talk time.