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Apple Announces New Features of iPod Touch

The Apple columnist accident planned for September 1 is accepted to accompany account of a new iPod touch for 2010, which could be alleged “iPod touch 4” afterward on from the iPhone 4 name change. The affection account could additionally chase iPhone 4, but some users ask why accomplish a new iPod touch with iPhone-like features?

What if the new iPod touch 4 came with a camera and microphone, would you upgrade? The address for the iPod touch is the actuality you do not charge a fresh abstracts plan, can accept to music, use apps, comedy games, use the internet, and booty pictures if the fresh adaptation has a camera.

Having a mic would accomplish it accessible to use FaceTime, which could accommodate a simple abstracts plan like the iPad has for video calling on the new iPod. If you already accept a buzz you’re blessed with, and appetite a new iPod touch again the 4th bearing will be a advantageous advancement rather than the iPhone 4

The aforementioned goes for those that accept an iPod touch and adulation the appearance so abundant they appetite an iPhone, three of my ancestors associates had an iPod touch and awash it because they admired iOS so abundant they capital the iPhone, which fabricated the iPod touch redundant.

Those that alone comedy amateur and accept to music on their iPod touch may not appetite the fresh appearance advancing from the fourth bearing device, so advance could aloof be a decay of money.

Where do you stand? If the new iPod touch includes a microphone, advanced and back-facing camera, Retina display, and FaceTime, would you advancement and why?

You may additionally appetite to see the after-effects of a poll allurement our readers what’s added important to them, iPod touch 4G or the White iPhone 4.


Friday, 3 September 2010

The Tablet To Challenge The Apple iPad - Samsung's Galaxy Tab

The Apple iPad tablet was released in mid-summer 2010 and has since then sold over 3 million units in the U.S. alone. The Apple tablet is very popular and has drastically re-energized the tablet market. There are lots of new Android and Windows based tablets now gunning for the Apple iPad's top spot. Here is the top contender.

First, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Android 2.2 (Froyo) tablet. This particular tablet comes with a 7-inch AMOLED display that features capacitive multi-touch. The tablet comes with run on a Samsung Hummingbird A8 1.2GHz processor --to compare the Apple iPad comes with a Apple A4 1Ghz processor-- which is ARM based just like the A4 chip from Apple.

The Samsung Galaxy tablet will be coming with internal storage of 16GB to 42GB. The tablet will also come with a front facing camera which will allow users to make video phone calls, the camera is 3.2 mega-pixels. Connectivity on the Galaxy Tab feature Wi-Fi and 3G, keep in mind the Galaxy Tab will be able to make regular phone calls. Pricing for the Samsung Galaxy tablet hasn't been made official just yet.

The official announcement for the Samsung first Google Android tablet is coming in Early September 2010. Hopefully the tablet will be on retail stores before the 2010 holiday season or the iPad will have no competition. The Apple iPad currently owns about 74 percent of the tablet market and analysts are only calling for that to start decreasing in the year 2012. If Samsung can price the Galaxy Tab "GT-P1000" around the $400 mark they will have great success.

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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Garmin Nuvi Recall - Hot News

Garmin has announced that it will be recalling around 1.3 million Nuvi GPS devices from around the world due to issues with the gadget's batteries. Garmin said it had "identified potential overheating issues" that can make the Nuvi GPS device a fire hazard.

Garmin said the battery supplier has agreed to share the cost of replacing the battery packs and that the recall will not have a material affect on its financial results. According to Garmin, the defective Nuvi GPS include those with the following model numbers: 200W, 250W, 260W, and the Nuvi 7XX (where xx is a two-digit number). The Nuvi model number is located on the label on the back or bottom of the GPS device.

The company said owners should not attempt to remove or service the battery on their own, and asked that any affected unit be taken to a Garmin-authorized facility.

Garmin issued a recall in 2009 of its BlueChart g2 and g2 Vision data cards. PC World explained at the time, "the 2009 version of Garmin's BlueChart g2 and g2 Vision data cards provides inaccurate indications of the depth of the water off the coast of Sweden and Denmark."

Nuvi owners were directed to this site to see if their device has been recalled.


Apple iPod Repair and Parts Service

Advantages of Repairing your iPod or iPhone

It is often questioned whether it makes sense to purchase a new iPod/iPhone or repair an existing one. Our desire for the latest and greatest devices to add to our arsenal is never ending. When it comes time to weigh the cost and benefit of repair over that of replacement we need to consider the options.

Why it makes sense to repair a broken iPod - Repairing your iPod has a few advantages including:

* Cost - usually cheaper than buying new or even used.

* Environmental Consideration - repairing is a greener solution. It is a less environmentally impacting process. Repair shops only replace what's needed and some even recycle their waste. Rather than throwing out the old to buy a new device it makes sense to repair.

* Features - in some cases there are features available with the older iPod that aren't available with the current models. Take the 5th Generation iPod Video for example. You can have video output through the headphone jack whereas newer models like the iPod Classic are required to use a Apple Universal Dock Connector. An expensive cable attachment that works through the dock.

* Sentimental Value - Many people are attached to their iPods. They could have been a gift or have custome engraving on the back. Why replace something that has been given to you, just because it breaks, when you can keep it working for many more

* Repair can make your iPod look like new again - A new faceplate and backplate will have you looking like it just came out of the original packaging. Let a professional repair or replace your front and back covers and you will have a new iPod again!

When it makes sense to replace - replacing your iPod is sometimes necessary.

* In cases where parts are no longer available

* When cost exceeds - If the price of a repair is higher or near that of a new Apple iPod.

* In need of larger storage capabilities - With the amass of large libraries of music there is a need for more space.

* When you need more features - We can understand the desire to move to a more robust iPod. Going from an older iPod 4th Generation to an iPod Touch is a nice upgrade. The new features available in the Touch, Touch 2G, 3G, and iPhone models are a big step up from the old photo generation iPods.

New and next generation iPods are getting more sophisticated. Additionally, they are also getting easier to break. With the addition of flash memory to many of the newer Nano, iPod Touch, and iPhones single repairs are getting a little more costly. This is also relevant to the technology and price you are paying for such a device in the first place. There is no replacing of a bad hard drive anymore. Many of the boards have the memory in place and require full replacement of the Mainboard and memory
modules. Screen replacement, a common repair, can require the replacement of multiple parts such as the digitizer and midframe.

Luckily for consumers repair options are available for almost any generation iPod. These iPod Repair Sharks will have you working like new once again. With costs rising for new cutting edge devices, who wants to have to replace it when it breaks?

Repair Sharks offers a unique blog to discuss repairs and repair options. Visit our website and blog for more information.

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What Will Apple Call the Next iPhone?

News travels rapidly on the internet: just weeks after the unveiling of the new iPhone 4, tech journalists and iPhone junkies alike began to think out loud about the next iPhone series, with the debate increasing to a fever pitch once reliable suggestions emerged that the iPhone could arrive as early as January 2011.

For the reason that Apple rumors now seemingly travels faster than life itself, the internet names, tags, and, keywords, things before they even exist. Because we required a word for the upcoming iPhone to be something convenient and familiar to
work with in all of the blog posts, articles, and tweets, so we selected iPhone 5. It would be wise, after all, because we've seen an iPhone 3, 3Gs, and now iPhone 4. Considering that we are currently in the iPhone 4 era, the sole keyword that would work is iPhone 5

However, do not be shocked if Apple blows us away and comes up with a new brand for the up coming iPhone that has nothing to do with numerology. Here's why:

To begin with, the numbered iPhone types got their names chiefly not by series, but by the network generation that they functioned with: the iPhone 3 aimed to further the 3G network, and the iPhone 4 did the same with the 4G network. When Apple had a new iPhone that was released between the 3G and 4G generations, it chose a middle-of-the-road series label, the 3Gs, with the "S" signifying speed, of course. Given that Apple couldn't capitalize on a new "G" it relied on "S" instead.

Standard marketing calculus.

Considering that there is no solid schedule for when the 5G network will be implemented (although some believe that it may be as late as 2020), it is unlikely that Apple would use up its iPhone 5 moniker on a 4G iPhone variation.

Secondly, if Apple indeed wishes to reveal the iPhone 5 (as we euphemistically call it) as soon as January 2011, calling it "the iPhone 5" will simply further illuminate how soon the new iPhone would be offered from the iPhone 4, thus increasing the belief that the iPhone 5 is a "fixed" model for a imperfect iPhone 4. Giving the new iPhone a less "numerical" name will let Apple to put some perceived distance between the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5.

Last but not least, Apple will also have to consider the "Droid" element in branding its next iPhone.

The iPhone brand never had a real competitor like the Droid, until this year, when the iPhone and Droid fought in the 4G Smartphone market. Sales, press, and a lot of anecdotal proof indicates that the Droid has become a practical option to the
iPhone, even for old iPhone users. Apple is positively taking the Droid products seriously and is undeniably taking the chance with an early 2011 unveiling of the iPhone 5 to compete with some of the Droid phone options that are not on the iPhone
4 (for example, a bigger screen).

Giving the new iPhone a "name" would most certainly focus Apple's marketing efforts directly on Droid and seek to create a "my Smartphone brand is cooler than yours" marketing approach for Apple. After all, it isn't as if Apple doesn't have know-how in branding their gizmos with clever names: iPod, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPad, and MacBook all are able to evoke the Apple brand and tell us something about the gadget, all in very miniature, compact "brand names."

If the reports of a January 2011 iPhone 5 unveiling are real, we could still be 2 or more months away from
an formal Steve Jobs announcement. Looking back at the release of the iPad, Jobs put about 2 months between the announcement and the release. While we await the new name and technology, I suppose that the "iPhone 5" keyword will be all that we'll have,
in addition to all the rumors and conjecture.

Author: Michael Nace

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Mike is a technology blogger for The iPhone 5 News Blog, a blog that covers news, rumors, and opinions about the iPhone 5.