Thursday, 5 August 2010

Three Logical Reasons a Cheap Cell Phone is a Good Idea

The cell phone has become one of the most used electronic devices in the world today. People from all walks of life use a mobile for various purposes. Right from babysitting to keeping in contact with friends and colleagues, the mobile has done it
all. Also, with the changing and enhanced technology, there are better and more features that are available in these phones. However, one should also remember that technology costs a lot of money, and the phones with the most recent technology would be the most expensive. This brings us to cheap cell phones, and the reasons why many people buy them. If you are on a budget, here are some good reasons to buy a cell phone for cheap.

Too many features mean too many overheads:

There are some countries and places where the cost of GPRS connectivity per month is actually more than the cost of broadband connectivity. And of course, once you have a said feature, you cannot ignore it. Therefore, buying a higher end mobile with the most enhanced features may not only cost you a bomb when you buy it, but you might also have to buy other accessories or charges for them. For example, if one buys an
expensive mobile phone with great music playing capabilities, they would end up buying the expensive earphones that apparently give the best sound.

The Price of that Dream Mobile Phone will come down in six months:

The shelf life of a cell phone is quite less, something like two to six months. Of course, in a market where highly successful models are discontinued within a few years, dealers would not want to hold onto a model for more than a few months! These cell phones are then sold at a reduced price via special offers or discounts. So, if you could just wait six months, you could actually buy your dream mobile at a lower price.

Some Features are just not worth it:

As soon as a new cell phone hits the market, it is touted to be the next big thing. However, you should try to find out if the model is really good enough and whether does it really give some value for money. Some high end mobile phones will have features which you will seldom use.

Therefore, it is logical to buy a cheap mobile phone.

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Ranjit said...

It is consenting to have a cheap mobile phone.

One, you become carefree for its loss or damage.
Two, it is light on your pocket.
Three, gives you more time for immediate social circle (otherwise its very common to see people with ear-phones and sitting isolated in a group).
Four, no issues in switching it off on flight coz there is no such feature to be used hiding from cabin crew.
And a few others.

A feature loaded expensive phone silently enters your life and hampers its accessibility.

But in present time you need to stay online (GPRS or 3G), not only for the sake of social connectivity with family and friends but also not to limit your business and professional growth when you want to go places on your on own (GPS). Your favorite music (Media player) keeps you entertained in free time. Games don't let you get bored if you are unoccupied. Many other useful features make your life easy, simple and hassle free.

Its a blessing to have a feature loaded mobile phone but don't let it spoil your peace of mind by becoming over dependent on it. Don't get so accustomed that it is difficult to imagine a single moment without it, that is pitiful.