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Specifications and Features of Nokia Lumia 800

The Nokia Lumia is the first in a new range of smart phones to offer the latest Windows Phone 7.5 operating system known as the Mango edition. Nokia Lumia 800 is a stunning Windows phone powered by a 1.4 GHz processor. Crispy design and stylish look will definitely make you interested. In this article I shall discuss specifications and features of Nokia Lumia 800.

1. Display

Nokia Lumia 800 comes with AMOLED capacitive touch screen that supports 16 million colors. Gorilla Glass display with latest Nokia ClearBlack technology offer you crystal clear pictures at a resolution of 480*800. This model comes with 3.7 inches of display which is smaller than many models in the market, yet it is large enough to offer you perfect satisfaction of using a Smartphone. Accelerometer sensor enables auto user interface rotating.Proximity sensor is used for auto turn off. Nokia touch sensitive controls are really a big bonus with this particular Nokia model.

2. Network and Connectivity

Nokia Lumia 800 is a 3G enabled Smartphone and supports both HSDPA and HSUPA. Moreover, it supports dual band GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth, WLAN, micro USB for connectivity. A-GPS navigation with Nokia maps allows you the opportunity to locate something over a map.

3. Camera and Video

Nokia Lumia comes with 8MP primary camera with Carl Zeiss lens yet the camera quality is not as good as some of the previous models of Nokia. However, dual LED flash, auto-focus and some other features may turn out to be a good combination to capture high quality pictures. Although this model is 3G enabled still there is no secondary or front side camera grafted in the surface for video calling. Video recording feature at a decent rate of 720p at 30 frames per second may stream video quite successfully. However, it would be great if the buffering rate would have been close to 1080p at 30 fps.

4. Operating System and processor

As said earlier Nokia Lumia 800 comes with Windows 7.5 Mango which is the latest version of Windows Mobile Operating System. Powerful 1.4 GHz Scorpion processor with Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon chipset makes smooth multi-tasking. Now you have the liberty to switch from one processor to another in a rapid pace. Only 512 MB of RAM will not offer better buffering of processes and may slow down the system.

5. Battery

Nokia is renowned in the market for its batteries; this time Nokia Lumia 800 comes with a 1450 mAh battery that is expected to offer more than 250 hours of standby time and 13 hours of talk time.


Tuesday, 13 December 2011

An Introduction To The Samsung Galaxy Nexus

This new Samsung Galaxy handset is to be the first in the world to offer the latest Android 4.0 operating system which is also known as Ice Cream Sandwich and is a direct upgrade to the previous Google Nexus S model which was also manufactured by Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the end result of months of speculation and rumours surrounding the next Google Nexus Android phone, initially thought to be called the Samsung or Google Nexus Prime the new Galaxy Nexus has now had deals, prices and a release date announced at a recent launch event.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus release date has been set for November which means that consumers will for the first time be able to experience what exactly Google has been working on with its new Android update.

UK retailers have already released details of their Samsung Galaxy Nexus deals which show that this new device is not going to be the most affordable at launch, a free phone is likely to set back consumers a whopping £46 per month in line rental or for a £30 upfront cost this can be connected to the next tariff down at £41 per month.

The specifications are not far off from the current best-selling Samsung Galaxy S2 with a 1.2 GHz dual core processor and 1GB of RAM on board, the camera is a 5.0 mega pixel unit with an LED flash and is capable of recording 1080p full HD video clips the same as the S2 and the recent iPhone 4S.

Compared with the previous Google Nexus S the Galaxy Nexus is slightly heavier but thinner with an overall weight of 135g and a slim body at 8.94mm, the biggest difference comes with the size of the main touch screen which remains a Super AMOLED display as with the Galaxy S2 but has been expanded to a large 4.65 inches.

Further similarities between the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Nexus come with the fast download speeds these handsets are able to achieve via HSPA+ giving up to 21Mbps, also available is Wi-Fi, GPS, Google+ integration and voice typing.

The Galaxy Nexus is to be marketed in two memory types, both a 16GB and 32GB model will be on sale.

So far, three of the UK network operators have announced that they will be selling the new Galaxy Nexus phone, these include 3 Mobile, Vodafone and O2, further networks are likely to follow suit soon.


How to Choose The Best 4G Smartphone

These days, most of us can't go too far without our smartphone. We rely on them for far more than conversation; everything from telecommuting to entertainment and social media is coordinated through the hand-held devices that never cease to amaze.

The newer smartphones are also able to provide turn by turn GPS directions. It's hard to believe that only a few years ago cellular phones could only call people. Now smartphones can do just about anything. The big question, who has how to choose the best 4G smartphone?

Depending on where you live, you'll want to find a provider with the best coverage for your area. A great way to figure out who has the best 4G coverage is ask your friends. Talk to people to get their opinion on which provider has the best. However, if you're about to enter into a new contract, you'll be relieved to know that the two frontrunners in the 4G market, Verizon and AT&T, have announced major plans to improve their 4G coverage. By 2013, Verizon plans to have 4G service available to its entire network, and AT&T will offer 4G to 80% of the country by that time as well.

And while coverage is necessary to fully utilize your equipment, it helps to have a device that does everything you want it to do. Some of the things items you want to keep in mind is:

Screen size
Battery Life
Availability of accessories
User Reviews
Read on to find out more about some of the best 4G-enabled phones on the market.

HTC Thunderbolt (Verizon) - This phone, with coveted LTE technology, boasts simultaneous voice and data, with amazing internet speeds, plus an easy-to-manage interface. LTE technology is still in its infancy, and can shorten battery life, so make sure to invest in an additional battery!

Samsung Infuse 4G SGH-1997 (AT&T) - This paper- thin (well, almost), model is AT&T's first official foray into the 4G market. It's got a great battery life, and great screen capture, but it's dimensions may make it difficult to hold onto.

Samsung Epic 4G (Sprint) - With great video support and a gorgeous screen, the Epic 4G provides everything you'll want in mobile entertainment. Add to that a nicely sized keyboard, and this may just be the phone for you. Be aware of fees for this phone - you'll have to pay for 4G service even if you can't use it.

Samsung Galaxy S 4G (T-Mobile) - A slim design stands out here; current LTE technology is a still a little clunky, so if you prefer a smaller phone, you may like this design. Quick HSPA+ speeds plus a better battery life than most helps this phone stand out.

With so many choices for a 4G smartphone, its hard to decide exactly how has the best 4G smartphone. As with any big purchase, especially one involving a contractual commitment be sure to do your research and read up on reviews before purchasing any smartphone plan. That way you'll be sure to enjoy all your new smart phone has to offer!


Monday, 13 June 2011

The HTC Sensation VS Blackberry Torch - Comparison and Full Specifications

Over the years Blackberry have accepted a reputation for producing functional phones and into doing so have sometimes not concentrated because much on the styling of the handsets because perhaps they should have done.

Their candy bar designs are unmistakable thanks to the fascia being split in two halves including a screen and a keypad however the designs are too unremarkable. Below is Comparison and Full Specifications.

The Blackberry Torch is a various animal all together nevertheless including a touchscreen that dominates the phones lead panel and an angular design that looks ultra modern. It is the top find phone that the trademark has ever released nevertheless looks are not anything. How does the Torch measure up abutting one of the truly big names into the current market place, the HTC Sensation?

The HTC Sensation does not stray far from the design of other handsets from the trademark such because the Desire S and the Wildfire S. It is pleasing on the eye without ever being groundbreaking. Yes it is insignificantly more angular than other models and it is absolutely thin however the layout is never going to win any awards for innovation. The Blackberry Torch nevertheless is a various matter altogether. This phone could not be any more various from its sister models. There is a lack of visible physical keys however the buttons have not been dispensed including entirely because they are currently hidden on a slider mechanism after the screen. There is above 1 inch of difference into screen size among the two handsets including the HTC Sensation taking all the glory into this department thanks to a 43. inch display that truly does take some beating. The screen uses the very hottest S-LCD technology combined including a high resolution of 540 x 960 to give an unrivaled picture clarity. A smaller 32. inch screen is fitted on the Torch including a 360 x 480 resolution. At about 188 dots per inch the image quality is clever however not into the similar league because the HTC.

The 12Ghz dual core processor into the HTC Sensation totally eclipses the single core 624Mhz that the Blackberry Torch may offer. although sounding specifically lightweight the developers of the Blackberry have finished a wonderful job into optimising this chip so it truly does behave like a much faster chip however not at the similar lightning speed of the Sensation. An spots where the Torch does take some beating is once it arrive to storage capacity. including 4GB of internal space together and the ability to add a further 32GB thanks to a microSD card slot the Blackberry is well equipped to handle a multitude of multimedia files. HTC offer the similar external card support however including just a quarter of the on board capacity at only 1GB.

Whilst the Blackberry Torch is a wonderful find phone that works superbly well it merely cannot match up to a handset including the specification of the Sensation. Having told that nevertheless if Blackberry apply this phone because a template for future models then you may seem forward to something truly favored very soon.


Saturday, 11 June 2011

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pro Review And Specifications

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pro offers many useful techniques, and is expected to be a very popular choice as endearing level of technology and functionality, which has closed its compact and lightweight. The device measures 120 mm x 57 mm in width was 30 mm thick, and is expected to be released in Q2 2011. Below is review And specifications of Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pro.

The handset comes with 3.7-inch LED-backlit LCD capacitive screen display that provides touch-screen functionality in addition to the ability to display up to 16 million colors, 480 x 854 pixel screen size. Screen is scratch-resistant surface and a Sony Bravia Engine for mobile, but also take advantage of services Timescape interface, the primary means of navigation. In addition, the unit will be the proximity and accelerometer sensors to automate a variety of tasks. One of the most important aspects of the handset that offers a very responsive and helpful QWERTY keyboard, which is located behind the main screen and simply slides out to provide landscape mode entry.

The handset will use a 1 GHz processor, the central unit, while maintaining services for the Android operating system, which is this particular unit is a gingerbread version. The handset also comes with a number of useful interfaces, including web access, either under its own WiFi or HSDPA, it also has EDGE, GPRS, Bluetooth and USB connectivity. In addition, the phone comes with a microSD card slot, which provides an opportunity to increase the available memory capacity of the unit for up to 32 gigabytes.

Photography for the device is equipped with a 8.0 megapixel camera, which is 3264 x 2448 pixels and includes AF, Touch AF, geo-coding, video calls, as well as face and smile detection. Units of the camera can also be used to record video 720 pixels and 30 frames per second, while the second camera as well.

The unit offers a raft of entertainment options that include MP4/MP3 multimedia player for music track recognition, the organizer and a stereo FM radio with RDS capability, and various games.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pro, just like Sony Vivaz Pro offers a powerful design and aesthetics, while in the case of this particular unit offers an advanced level of technology.


Thursday, 26 May 2011

HTC Wildfire S VS HTC Wildfire - Comparison and Full Specifications

As the title suggests, is a fierce competition on the characteristics between the two smartphones from HTC. Both phones are powerful and as a wildfire that is capable of blowing away all the stuff that comes his way. Some of the most fascinating features of the HTC S and Wildfire are compared below:

Operating system:

Operating system acts as the brains of mobile phones and assist in the planning process, with no degradation in performance. Yes, both the OS smartphones compared first. Wildfire S uses Google's latest OS, Android 2.4 (honey cakes), while its competitor uses of Android 2.1 (Eclair). With Gingerbread aboard S Wildfire, you also have access to more than 150,000 applications from the Android Market.


The processor plays an important role in mobile performance. Latest processors are capable of lighting performance. So now the comparison is based on the processor. Wildfire S processor running at 600MHz, while the fierce competitor of Wildfire runs on a Qualcomm MSM 7225 528 megahertz.


HTC Wildfire S has a 3.2 inch HVGA screen while HTC Wildfire has a large 3.2 inch color touch screen with pinch-to-zoom. HVGA screen Wildfire S is ideal for surfing the Internet with multi-window browsing, and text automatically resizes to the screen and in and out.


Wildfire S has a 5 megapixel autofocus camera and expandable microSD memory. HTC Wildfire has a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, flash and geo-tagging. HTC Wildfire's camera can take images up to 2592 pixels 1944 pixels resolution. Large images are possible at night with LED flash, smile detection and auto-focus features. You can also record video.


Fire is a small phone, measuring just 10.13cm long, 5.94cm wide and weighs 105 grams. Its competitor HTC Wildfire is 106.8 mm long, 60.4 millimeters wide, thickness 12 mm and weighs 118 grams.


The battery also has an important role in mobile phone's function, helps us to talk and play games for long hours. Fire With a hefty 1230mAh battery, which promises more than 7 hours of talk time or 23 days in standby mode. While his opponent has a battery that provides up to 490 minutes of talk time or 480 hours standby time.


HTC Wildfire With the HSDPA and Wi-Fi connectivity for fast browsing, while HTC Wildfire supports Bluetooth v2.1 and v2.0 Micro USB connectivity and high speed internet is also available.


This function finds out the beauty of the mobile phone. Fire is available in black, purple and white, while his opponent is available in black, red and gray and red.

In addition to these characteristics, so a smart phone HTC feels like a common feature, which helps to make easy access to e-mail, Facebook and Twitter straight from your home screen. Both smart phones have many advantages and are added at the top of most of the company in the mobile market.

Now you should be able to recycle the old HTC Wildfire and earn money. Sales of mobile phones for recycling website is a good idea to get some money on your next purchase, but also help the environment, which allows parts to be reused in other devices. So, get ready to recycle old HTC Wildfire and get new ones with more features fascinating.


Nokia Oro Full Specifications And Price Details

Nokia introduces Nokia in select markets Nokia Oro Smartphone. Nokia Smartphone Oro includes an 18-carat gold plating, sapphire and skin with one of the best in Scotland's Caledonian stocks. Inside, reaches the same high quality as other recent Nokia smartphones.

This Symbian based on the latest update of Anna Symbian. Nokia Oro pentaband supports radio communications, current 3G HSDPA and Wi-Fi. Nokia Oro is equipped with a 3.5-inch AMOLED screen, 8 megapixelsdigital camera with 720p video. Functionally it is not so different from other recent Nokia smartphones. But it is quite rare in the "Smartphone premium business.

Nokia Oro Smartphone is gold, which is clearly intended for someone who does not want from their phones the phone looks the same to other people. The main markets for Nokia Oro Smartphone is in the Middle East and Russia, where they have been best sellers for some time. Nokia General Manager for Russia, Gabriel Speratti, told us that "Nokia Oro Smartphone premium, as always, the best selling in Russia. We have a large number of users who are looking for top quality workmanship and materials that testify to their success and social status. In some areas, the possession of such premium products is the passport to be taken seriously. "


Nokia Oro Smartphone is an excellent combination of sensitivity and precision manufacturing engineering. Nokia Oro was built with the unmistakable passion for detail. Oro Nokia mobile phone features exclusive materials come from the world's the best suppliers and used with due care. Each element of the Nokia Oro Smartphone was thoughtfully considered to create a beautiful product that will live and develop with you every day.

Luxury handset

The epitome of luxury, gold never loses its impact. At Nokia Oro, the 18-carat gold plating for stunning effects include handset's outer edge, and high illumination lens for a sleek and subtle way. Nokia Bluetooth Headset monitor J is also a gold-plated. To achieve Oro Nokia's smooth, flawless conclusion, we used an innovative technique of gold coating, which represents about phone's surface molecule by molecule to immaculate results.

Phone cover

Timeless and tactile, leather brings the natural features of the Nokia Oro Smartphone. Nokia Oro Smartphone battery cover is closed by hand in the quality of leather for Scottish sublime and luxurious feel. Derived from the best North cattle breeds, leather maintains the individual characteristics of natural hide. These unique data are an indication of quality, and eventually develop a soft patina, enhancing the overall beauty of the Nokia Smartphone. Leather can be easily damaged and should be treated with care. Do not expose to extreme temperatures, light and moisture, and avoid contact with water and oil.

With sapphire crystal

For the home key, the new Nokia Oro Smartphone boasts a sapphire single crystal. Famous for its unique combination of elegance and durability, ensuring that each function carried out with style. The endurance of only diamonds, sapphire crystals are highly resistant to scratches, chips and cracks. As a result, your Nokia Oro's home key to preserve its exceptional beauty far into the future. Nokia Oro is a true premium design wise.


New Nokia Oro Smartphone will start selling in selected countries in Europe, Eastern Europe, China and the Middle East, in Q3 the 2011th From local taxes and subsidies operator (none of which you're probably too much to care if you / user client for mobile phone Nokia Oro), will cost more at 800 euros.


PDA Camera For A Buyers Guide

Personal Data Assistant (PDA) has won rapid university students and executives who are constantly in motion, because it is able to compress a lot of different requirements for data with a Palm device companies. PDA is designed to make busy lives easier by providing sensible connections to all the information you need,

be it at your fingertips when you need it, and transport it to other systems. When the"organized"PDA, you have all the contact details of phone numbers can collect e-mails, process orders, business, exhibition of his photographs and relax your mp3 library. Many of the PDA is also a digital recorder and have compatibility with Windows-based word processing and spreadsheet financial calculations.

At the simplest end of the PDA market, PDA can help you manage your daily to-do lists, track magazine, and save messages. But it's important that people are switching to using the PDA to understand it is a tool that is most advantageous mind is organized: it won't really an organization for you. But if you find that you need to view and manage documents through a track appointments and have instant access to your name and address book, so the essential functions of a PDA will probably enhance your productivity. And of course the added benefit of listening to mp3, watch short videos, read books and to practice and watch the performances can only help.

PDA Windows operating system and memory gutsy Pocket PC is compatible with the standard Windows and office. Screen size and image resolution can be critical if you intend to use the device, reading books and managing text-heavy documents. While sales of PDAs has been declining over the past two years, losing smartphone technology, the major manufacturers have improved the usability of PDA devices with faster processors, more memory and multimedia. In many situations, smartphones have been able to replace many functions of a PDA, which combines the data management of mobile phone technology. But if you want to work with spreadsheets and web pages in PDA, smart phones are at a disadvantage for smaller screens and storage capacity, and sometimes costs, but it avoids the need to make the two devices.

What to look for

There'sa handheld PDA device to suit almost any budget and needs. You have to consider how much data you want to carry with you and how connected you want to be. It is clearly more memory, faster processor and bigger screen attract higher price tags. You can compare brands, models and prices, search use the following specifications to guide you.

A budget basic unit can offer a processor speed of 16 MHz, 8 MB memory and 2.5 inch (diagonal) screen. At the high end, you can get a 4GB micro hard drive, WiFi and Bluetooth, 400 MHz processor, 256 MB memory, with expansion slots, 4 inch (diagonal) LCD screen with 65,000 colors and 640 x 480 screen resolution, GPS functionality , MP3 player, digital camera and instant messaging. In the middle of the range you'll find units with 64 MB memory, a 200 MHz processor, 3 inch screen and built-in microphone or audio input. Remember that all these specifications and features are changing constantly, the units are upgraded with new features over very short space of time.

Aside from processor speed, memory and screen size, includes some of the critical specifications that you can use to cost and brand comparisons:

Data Input - While some models have a full QWERTY keyboard built-in, consider adding a fold-up full-size external keyboard. Entering text with lots of small built-in keyboard or through handwriting software can be frustrating.

Audio input - A built-in microphone or microphone jack is required for recording voice memos and meeting notes and store audio files.

Music playback - MP3 audio file playback can sometimes need additional software.

GPS - While there are a number of custom-built handheld devices for industrial applications, your PDA's GPS capability may not be suitable for rugged outdoor activities.

Communication - Look for integrated Bluetooth 1.1 and a built-in 802.11b Wi-Fi adapter.

Smartphone - Combines the functions of a mobile phone with a data management unit in a single unit. Phone capability requires a separately purchased service contract.

Audio Output - a headphone jack is crucial to listen to your audio files.

Cradle / Charger - This device allows for easy connectivity and synchronization with your PC while recharging the battery. Consider buying an extra cot to the office for maximum comfort. Some PDAs include a cable or a special cradle that provides an interface to the desktop computer to synchronize data.

Battery life - Each device has its own features, battery life. Battery charge also depends on the data processed. You can use the manufacturer's specifications's as a guide to compare between brands and models, but these specifications are laboratory measurements and may not reflect actual consumption.

Bluetooth - wireless technology lets you exchange data with other handhelds or other Bluetooth devices as a cell phone, fax, personal computer, laptop, headset or printer. Bluetooth feature allows you to add an external keyboard.

Digital Camera - Camera PDA usually take pictures in low resolution (approx. 1.2 megapixels), which is perfect for email, but not ideal for printing.

GPS - Global Positioning System allows you to navigate from any point on the surface or near the ground.

Music / audio - MP3 playback quality will depend on the bitrate of the audio file and the quality of the speaker. Sound quality is often better when played through a quality headset.

PDA Screen - PDA screen size is measured in inches diagonally and is available from 2.6 inches to 5 inches in the very high quality. Bigger, brighter screens require more power to operate therefore increase battery consumption.

Processor speed - refers to the speed of a PDA coordinates its internal functions. Processor speeds are measured in MHz (megahertz) and is between 4 MHz and 624 MHz Though these specifications may change rapidly as technology evolves, it is recommended to have a processor speed of at least 16 MHz for general functions in everyday life.

Video Capture - Video playback often requires an additional expansion card and a software download from third parties, and increased memory capacity.

Web Browser - Used with a Wi-Fi, you can surf the Internet, as you would from a desktop computer.

Wi-Fi - 802.11b WLAN (wireless local area network) you can connect to the Internet at all hotspot. Enable Wi-Fi features tends to consume battery life quickly.

In summary

You may like to consider if you are a beginner (ie new technology, PDA), an entrepreneur or a technophiles, and make your search based on their level of understanding of the involved technology. As a beginner, you will be searching for a basic unit that a technophiles you will be looking for all the bells and whistles. An employer will seek more adaptive skills. The following may help.

Choose from the options. Consider that you need for mp3 players or video players or Web surfing. Duplicate the functionality of your PDA may reduce the need to carry another device around to enjoy the benefits.

How access is required? Bluetooth cell phone can access Internet, can wife access hot spots, and simple cable connection to your desktop computer, stop reading your emails on the go.

Go for maximum memory for money. Memory determines how much data your PDA can process and store, and its ability to process applications. Memory can be enhanced in many devices with expansion slots and flash memory cards.


How To Choose The Best Mobile Cellular Phones

When you buy a cell phone, one of the most important things that people want to do is to ensure that they buy the best mobile cellular phone plan available. cell phone plans include a variety of options, features and price, and can often be difficult to choose the best plan unless you have examined all options carefully.

But armed with some knowledge of the available options and what are the typical costs, it is certainly possible to get the best cell phone plan that fits your needs.

The first step in the process is to determine how often and how you use your cell phone. Most people use their mobile phone primarily for making and receiving phone calls. How many minutes a month can expect to talk to someone on the phone? This is probably the most import factor in determining what plan to get. Note that most companies charge a minute for outgoing and incoming calls, so it does not matter who called whom - the minutes of the phone is charged. But several other factors also come into play when you choose your plan - sending or receiving text messages or picture messages, or downloading games or ring tones?

Once you have identified some of these factors, it is time to take a look at the options available. In the U.S. there are four major carriers: Verizon, AT & T / Cingular, Sprint and T-Mobile. There are also a number of smaller firms (Alltel, U.S. Cellular, Western Wireless, etc.) who work in regional markets in the first place. If you're like most people and a desire to become one of the major players, check out the cost of any plan for how many minutes you get per month. If you use your phone only for emergencies, when a plane with only 400 minutes a month is probably OK. Those plans cost about $ 40 per month. Sprint and T-Mobile has plans for about $ 30 that offer 200 or 300 minutes per month. If you are an average user of the phone, you will probably need more minutes, somewhere in the range 600-1400 minutes per month. These plans typically cost between $ 50 to $ 80 per month. And advanced users, as well as busy sales professionals, you probably need a plan with a much larger number of minutes. Plans by several thousand minutes a month can cost about $ 200 per month. You should also keep in mind that most companies you can call or receive calls on evenings and weekends free. Also keep in mind that each company has a different definition of the hours that are considered by the night or weekend.

Another factor to consider is how the variable call minutes are. If you consistently use about 1,000 call minutes per month, so it's a good idea to get a subscription that includes only slightly more than that. But if there are some months where you use 400 minutes, and others where you use 1600 minutes, as there may be necessary to get a great plan if the plan includes rollover minutes. With rollover minutes, minutes are not used in a month be spent in subsequent months. Of the major carriers, only AT & T / Cingular currently offer rollover minutes. The key to use the rollover minutes is to ensure that you build up a supply of rollover minutes first (using fewer minutes in the first few months), and then use the rollover minutes as needed. This way you can get by with a plan that gives you a bit more than average number of minutes you pan to use per month.

Another factor to consider is whether to use the phone for anything other than making calls. Text and picture messaging has become more popular recently, so you will probably want to consider a plan that includes some more text or picture messages. If you want to download games or ringtones, or if you want to go into the wireless Internet to check weather, get driving directions or see sports scores, you will also need to get some sort of data plan that gives you access to these functions .

The point is that you must first understand what the important parameters of the plan is (call minutes, rollover minutes, night and weekend minutes, text messages cost, wireless Internet, etc.), and then check the options available on different carriers. But you should also remember that you must go with a mobile operator that provides a good reliable phone service in your area. Don't buy a cheap plan from a discount carrier that mobile phone coverage is spotty in your area, because you won't be to get reliable service you need. The best mobile phone plan is a plan that gives you good coverage and a sufficient number of minutes for a reasonable price.


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

LG Optimus Black The Best Stylish Smart Phone Of 2011

LG Black Optimus was announced shortly after the first dual core handset, LG Optimus 2X. While Optimus 2X attracted much attention for being the first combined dual core, its system siblings phone might steal his thunder through its development screen.

However, the phone has a lot more under its wing, which may seem at first. With some other devices, is the attempt to steal the title of Champion's thinnest smartphone, currently held by Apple's iPhone 4. Some opinion that LG Optimus Black The Best Stylish Smart Phone Of 2011.

While the black Optimus offers exceptional thinness, making it one of the highest mobile phone touch screen turned around, it also comes with a high quality screens available. The 4"IPS LCD comes with LG technology called NOVA. This gives the highest brightness, which has not yet been found on a smartphone, and offers even better quality and clarity that the iPhone's display and Retina Samsung's beloved Super AMOLED.

The screen comes with a color depth greater than 16 million colors and a very high resolution of 480 x 800th An accelerometer is included for automatic rotation of the interface and a gyro sensor for 3-dimensional control. The Black Optimus runs on Google Android 2.2 Froyo, although this can be extended to Android 2.3 of gingerbread, and also comes with Samsung's Optimus 2.0 IU and 2.0 IU gesture. Unlike Optimus 2X, Black Optimus not dual core, but have always come with a very fast processor running at 1 GHz.

This phone also features 5-megapixel camera that comes with an LED flash and video recording 720p. Although this camera is a high quality with excellent features such as geo-tagging, Optimus Black's second camera is even more interesting. Placed in front of the camera was on the 2 megapixel camera, making it the most video cameras have yet to find a resolution calling on the phone. Video calling is also something you may find yourself doing a lot of Optimus Black, 3G technology and Wi-Fi in the offer.

Optimus Black's Wi-Fi, DLNA and includes Wi-Fi Direct, so it is better than 2x Optimus's, which is connected to only DLNA enabled. DLNA and Wi-Fi allows direct connection Optimus Black to other devices with the included wireless standards. For example, you can use them to stream video from a camera phone to your TV at home, to enjoy a more comfortable, or simply to share with friends easier.

Optimus Black has excellent support for video playback, as well as support for multiple music formats. There is no 2GB of internal storage space, and another 32 GB can be supplied by a microSD card, providing you with plenty of space for audio or copied from your home computer or generated by myself with the phone's camera. Optimus Black also comes with YouTube support out of the box, so you can also enjoy streaming video online.

It is also the ideal phone for all forms of messages with an excellent messaging options, which are usually located on Android phones. Threaded SMS is available, as well as support MMS, e-mail, including Gmail and instant messengers like Google Talk. It also comes with excellent integration of social networking services like Facebook and Twitter.


Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II - Full Phone Specifications

The new Samsung I9100 Galaxy S2 is an advanced mobile phone features observed inviting and looks incredible. The ultra-slim phone is only 8.5 mm thick and 125.3 mm in length, allowing the receiver to properly sink in our palm. At the moment's thinnest mobile phone from Samsung in the market. People would grab the phone at first glance, because it has the ability to provide solutions for your needs.

The large 4.3"Super Plus AMOLED capacitive touchscreen 16 million color that promises razor-sharp & Cool visual experience for the end user. Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of the best multimedia phone that gives you more for your needs, as support for 1080p video , USB On-The-Go and TV-out port. With support for 1080p video, you can enjoy Full HD movies directly on your I9100 Galaxy S2 and can connect with a compatible HD TV's to see movies and other animals on big screens. The screen is large enough to present the full text to 160 words on the e-mail together at once. Now, scroll up or down to read text messages or e-mail on the phone.

The new Samsung Galaxy S2 is a Pocket PC as it comes with dual-core 1.2GHz-A9 processor and 1 GB of RAM, which obviously increases the overall performance of this gadget. Now, the experience of speed in running programs that you have never experienced in other smart phones because of the lack of virtual memory and processors with a low profile. Since the phone is loaded with the Android operating system, so you can expect with the most user-friendly interface. Google is a major player in the Internet and have now decided to offer something more powerful and more user-friendly platform for mobile users and the result is Gingerbread Android OS, you can try out the Samsung Galaxy S2.

With the help of this Samsung mobile phone, you can get lighting fast Internet connection speeds up to 21Mbps over 3G connection. Now, think about caching or slow speed GPRS connection problem on which you had access to the live broadcast or the Internet. Say good-bye to it and get ready for a great rate on your mobile phone. Well, Samsung Galaxy SII loaded all the useful business applications such as document editor, Google Search, Maps and Gmail, which will help you in many ways. Adobe Flash 10.1 is an advantage for its browser.

The manufacturer stands by every word he said of his upscale gadget. Packed with the latest features, Galaxy S2 is all set to rock your heart and soul. One of the important features of this device is its high-end rocking 8MP camera with autofocus and LED flash. In addition, the side 2 MP camera for video calls, which clearly. Users can take photographs and make videos with stunning clarity and can send photos and videos to their friends'mobile phones directly from their phone.

Its expandable memory can store lots of photos and videos for future use. A long list of elements i9100 Galaxy S2 contains an intuitive 3D games and music system. The phone is available in black, which is in harmony with each dress. Phone can be used as a handheld computer, camera, game consoles, music systems and devices as easy to call.