Saturday, 23 October 2010

Google Android Gingerbread - Improved User Interface

After formally introduces Android version 2.2 or known as Froyo. Google is ready to present the latest update of the operating system, Android 3.0 version is called Gingerbread.

Google Nexus One will get the next mobile OS first with the most popular Android phones by running a short time later. However, from some developers who tested open-based OS, it seems Google wants more stringent requirements for the device is submerged in Android 3.0.

Gingerbread, Which should come late this year (Q4), Will undoubtedly be an answer to Google iPhone OS 4.0, The interface looks more attractive than other Android version.

Google’s Android Gingerbread (Froyo'S successor), also said the WebM and VP8 video codec. WebM is an open-source media project sponsored by Google consists of compressed video (using the VP8 codec) And compressed audio streams (using the e Vorbis audio codec) It shows that Android Gingerbread will first Mobile OS to try to fully support this format.

Here's an overview:

* It comes out in mid-October 2010. or at the end of this year
* Minimum hardware requirements: 1GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, 3.5 "display and higher.
* 1280 × 760 resolution screens available in 4 "or larger.
* Overhauled user interface.
* Less reliance on third-party UI shells as Sense HTC or Motorola's MotoBlur.

Google has suffered from a conflict and frustration among users who are considering are Android for Android phone Market is highly fragmented.

Complaints were to come, because the application runs on a mobile phone does not work on other devices, and even worse, they can really lead to some damage on the phone.

Speculation would also like to Android Gingerbread Really change the user interface. There will be more animations and screen transitions between menus and applications, and it will be easier to find content.

If Google Android 3.0 strictly enforced, of course, is good news. Because, at least in the future, the uniformity in the smartphone will be.


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