Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Apple Mobile Phones - The Genxt phones

Over the years of technological development, we know that Apple Iphone has become more than just a phone. The handset has a music player, video player, internet device, and camera all bundled into one gadget. According to the head of Apple company, the phone is five year ahead of its time.The Apple Mobile Phones was launched in June 2007. People queued up the night before to get their hands first on it.It is expected that the sales will cross the 20 million mark by the year 2011.The handset has a touch screen interface with multi touch technology.It is familiar with the touch of the human fingers. With just a touch of the finger, you can make call. The user can also scroll through songs, artists, albums in the play list and all the other contents on the phone.The handset does not have a plastic stylus as in other touch screen phones.

The phone has a wide screen display, which is 3.5inch wide with 320 by 480 resolutions.The move viewing experience is greatly enhanced with this feature. The Iphone Deals has a rich HTML email as well as the Safari browser. It automatically syncs bookmarks from a PC or Mac.The phone can be connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi or EDGE. Emails with imap or pop3 server can be accessed. It also has Google Maps with zoom facility to view specific points.The handset has a unique visual voice mail feature. With this feature, the user can access the voicemail randomly just like the way he access the email box.

Unlike any other phone, this handset has a inbuilt 2 mega pixel camera along with photo management facility. The users get the facility to sync photos from a PC or Mac.The phone has a rechargeable battery in the phone with 8 hours of talk time and
6 hours of browsing time. The phone also has a 250 hr standby time.The iPhone has an special feature called accelerometer. It senses when a user changes from holding the phone in landscape to portrait mode. It automatically updates the image on screen
to fit the mode.

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