Thursday, 5 August 2010

3G and 4G Explained

Mobile phones are no longer used for just making and receiving phone calls and are often used as one source for music, photos, videos and computers. You are able to communicate online, check your email and even do research on your mobile phone.

Most people who do not yet have internet capabilities on their phone are most likely using 2G.

How Does 3G Technology Work?

Simply put, a 3G mobile phone stands for third-generation technology mobile phone. Your phone probably has a lot of nifty features such as large storage space, Bluetooth connectivity, a camera, music player and more.

In order for your phone to have all of these features and to work efficiently , the 3G feature is a requirement as it helps to download music and ringtones faster, access to high-speed internet and sending pictures.

One of the most explosive new features for 3G technology mobile phones is video conference calling where you can see the person who you are talking to in real time. Most people getting mobile phones opt for the 3G since you are able to use more features than with the previous generations of technology.

3G phones are somewhat more expensive compared to the previous generations, but the extra expense is a small price to pay for technology that makes work and play more accessible. If you are looking to just call people, you can stick with more basic models, but if you want to replace your mobile phone with your music player, camera and computer, the 3G is worth the investment.

Understanding 4G Technology

4G technology is the faster version of 3G and it stores much more data and information. Not every mobile phone network has worked the 4G into their systems, so if you're looking for a phone with power, you are going to need to find the networks
that support this capability or wait until it becomes available with your mobile phone provider.

There is no need to purchase another mobile phone, as long as your phone is currently compatible with 3G, so once the network offers 4G and you subscribe to it, your internet capabilities upgrade automatically and link to your number. The fees are rather affordable for this technology and the connection is instant. Your video conference calls are also lowered if you're talking to another 4G subscriber.

To find out more about 3G and 4G phones, the best place to start is through the numerous resources available online. Not only will there be reviews, but also information on the best handsets that are available that offer this technology.

Author: Carleton Smith

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