Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Apple iPhone 4 - A Complete Smartphone Package

Far and wide is the Apple iPhone 4's reach, and for many reasons: 720p video and photo technology, a huge fan base stretching across countries and continents, 3G Internet and messaging speeds, almost monthly updates via iTunes, and many, many more.

The iPhone's dominance in the mobile phone industry is something known by everyone, leaving many companies baffled at the technology and innovation so exquisitely shown by Apple in so short a time, what with the first iPhone's appearance being in 2007 and all. In a mere three years, the small and sleek phone has introduced the mobile touchscreen, Mac-like interfaces, multiple homescreens, and economical design to the mobile phone marketplace. Here are a few reasons why the Apple iPhone 4 is dominating the market as you read this:

----Never Before Seen Design

The iPhone 4 is the sleekest and most elegant mobile phone design ever seen by consumers and critics, leaving new and old customers alike baffled and awe-struck by its small size and economical design. With just one button on its front screen, it
is the quintessential example of Apple's philosophy of sleekness and simplicity

----Packing A Major Punch

Despite its small size, the iPhone 4 boasts an impressive spec list, with a processor and RAM(Random Access Memory) clocking in at 1Ghz and 512mb, something rarely seen in a consumer mobile phone. As users open applications and slide through the various homescreens its performance can only be described as that of superior, leaving most other mobile phones in the dust when compared.

----720p Video And Image Technology

Gone are the days of fuzzy and unfocused mobile phone pictures. With the Apple iPhone 4, a user can have confidence that his or her pictures of family or friends or videos of that special someone on the beach this summer will come out clear and
stunningly beautiful, all thanks to the 720p technology included in the iPhone's overhaul, something only offered in few other mobiles.

----Multiple Homescreens

Along with other various overhauls to the iPhone's design and operating system, Apple decided to include multiple homescreens in the software, allowing users to glide through several different screens of apps and settings and search options all at once. With the influx of mobile phones utilizing this technology, it only stands as a testament to the iPhone's dominance in the market.

----Thousands Of Apps

When the iPhone was first introduced, few apps were offered to customers; one could say it was barely utilized by users in the beginning. Now, over ten thousands apps are available to anyone whom buys one, ranging from tennis games to brain teasers,
leaving customers with the satisfaction that no longer will waiting in long lines feel like eternity.

In Retrospect

The Apple iPhone 4 is a sleek, new, and exciting mobile phone that should be considered by everyone whom takes his or her mobile seriously. With technology that of cutting-edge quality, there's few other choices in the mobile phone industry that
offer the same quality and convenience.

Author: Chris Westley

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