Thursday, 12 November 2009

HTC Hero - Phone with High Tech Features

The modern time has seen many changes in the mobile phone industry. There are many renowned mobile manufacturers in the market who release latest models with many advanced features in terms of technology, usability and entertainment to allure users. There is a lot of competition among these manufacturers
to grab the attention of the buyers and in such a competitive sector, innovation is the buzz word.

One such innovative mobile phone that has been successful in grabbing the attention of the users is the HTC Hero Smartphone which has all the ingredients of a high-tech mobile phone. It is an Android phone with a full, onscreen keyboard, first for any
Android phone. The handset is a sleek handy device with a touchscreen-only body and looks great in its black and pink casing. Initially the phone was launched in black, brown and white casing but looking at the great demands of a pink mobile phone, it was also launched in pink colour.

You can download from Android Marketplace and install third party applications to your HTC Hero. The phone comes with a built in camera to capture the special moments of your life. It also has a GPS system and includes advanced gaming capacities.
The handset also incorporates Bluetooth wireless connectivity and a WLAN connection that provides faster and easier internet connectivity. HTC Hero can be purchased with various attractive pay monthly mobile phone offers being provided by mobile service providers. These HTC Hero deals may include many special offers such as free gifts, free talk time, texts and free line rentals. If you do not want to be bound with a contract then you can also go for pay as you go deals available with the phone. Cheap pay as you go mobile phones do not require the user to sign a contract and the user can switch the service provider at any point of time.

HTC Hero has received a very warm welcome from the users. The phone is includes great features with advanced technology and has all the ingredients to fulfill the needs of high end mobile phone users.

Author: Aparajita Shankar

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