Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Sony Ericsson S312 offers a refreshing change

The Sony Ericsson S312 is about as stylish as a phone could be.The handset has an obvious appeal as it has already proved popular. Unlike many manufacturers, Sony Ericsson have stayed true to their roots and provided a phone which has a simplistic
look about it whilst offering much of what the consumer desires in a phone in the modern era.

The phones camera is a 2 mega pixel camera which has a resolution of 1600 x 1200
pixels. The phone provides an LED flash, which is always useful when light conditions are not favourable for a good quality image. For those people who prefer
video recording and playback, which is a growing number of people, this phone offers this alternative. There are many situations where a static image does not convey the moment in the right way and the video element of this phone ensures the
option is available.

A 2.0 inch TFT screen which displays 256,000 colours at a pixel size of 176 x 220 pixels is the main focal point of the Sony Ericsson S312. With a scratch resistant surface which is a useful feature on a mobile phone, the phone is built to last. The phone comes with vibration and ring alert types whilst a composer allows the user to compose their own melodies for use as they desire. An MP3/ MP4 player which comes with TrackID, the music recognition feature is integrated into the phone. The player will allow the majority of audio and video formats to be played. The FM radio with RDS ensures that additional entertainment options are available other than downloaded music files.

GPRS and EDGE, both of which are class 10 as well as Blue tooth and USB provide the means to connect to many devices and transfer files as well as synchronize with a PC or other suitably enabled mobile device. The Sony S312 is lightweight, considering that it weighs in at only 80 grams. Size wise it measures 100 mm x 46 mm wide and
only 12 mm thick. The phones internal memory is 15 Mb, however this can be expanded up to an impressive 4 GB by using the memory stick micro facility. The phone is an impressive mobile phone with enough features to make it interesting. The unit has
an appeal that transcends its features.

Author: Alan Reed

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