Monday, 18 October 2010

Samsung Bada Wave II S8530 launched with Super Clear LCD

Samsung has been one of the leading brands including smart phones today, simply competing with the likes of Nokia, Blackberry and Apple iPhone. Many must have heard about the Samsung S8500 Wave manufactured by Samsung. It hits the market with large waves wash away all its competitors. Samsung has in fact just announced the arrival of Samsung Wave II S8530.

From what we know at this moment, watching the Samsung Wave II S8530 pretty impressive, and has filled much as its predecessor. Although it should't many differences that have been announced yet between the two, is the most obvious difference is that S8530 will feature a larger 3.7 inch Super Clear LCD technology, instead of Super AMOLED screen in S8500. The display comes with accelerometer sensor, proximity sensor, scratch resistance surface and multi-touch input to improve their skills further. Many may not want this change, but according to Samsung, it was one that needed to be done. It was also stated by them that the Super Clear LCD helps to make the display thinner and better brightness, color, strength and resistance to reflections.

The Samsung Wave II S8530 will have a built-in memory of 1.5 GB with support for micro SD card up to a maximum of 32 GB.It will also contain a 5 Mega pixel camera with LED flash and 720p HD video recording at 30 fps, and therefore not be much different from its predecessor in terms of multimedia. Other similarities between the two Wave smartphones includes support for high-speed connectivity via 3G and Wi-Fi, built-in Bluetooth and GPS, etc.

Nothing at all has been announced about the audio, in this moment, so we have to wait for it.

Other new information that has been observed that the Wave II S8500 is Samsung's Bada OS 1.2. There are some small features, stability and performance has been updated with a new 3.0 TouchWiz interface, which not only very user friendly but also easy to navigate and fast. Further details of the differences are the introduction of the T9 dictionary to trace and Swype keyboard.

Various applications are expected to support the Samsung claims that over 1000-compatible applications for the Wave II S8530 Apps Store.

About the battery was not, as previously reported and is likely to Li-Ion 1500 mAh battery that is included in Samsung Wave II S8500. It is reported that the S8530 hit the shelves in November 2010. Rumors and prices are expected to unconfirmed as it is now, but is about 429 €, which is about $ 549.

Now that's all know, the Samsung Wave II S8530. While we expect further announcements, the question arises, is the new Wave II, really worth it? There are certainly some speculation at the time, but it is definitely not an exciting release and the Samsung can not be underestimated. Who knows? "They could surprise us again.

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