Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Looking at the Nokia's E5 new for 2010

Nokias newest model in their range of messaging handsets, the E5, boasts superb connectivity features. This phone however is a lot more than just a business phone. A look at the range of features available illustrate that this is indeed a phone with a widespread appeal.

The Nokia E5 boasts a 2.36" display. Images and web pages look clear on this screen thanks to an impressive resolution of 320 x 240. This QVGA display also has the capability of processing up to 256 thousand colours and showing a widescreen image. Unlike many modern models, the screen is not a touchscreen, instead Nokia rely upon a navigational button located directly beneath the screen. This button is four way and is of a square design, in the middle of this you will find the select button. Other keys found on the front of the E5 are two soft keys, shortcut keys for accessing both messaging and favourite contacts. But perhaps most importantly the phone features a full Qwerty keypad. The obvious benefits of this are to aid the composition of text messages and e mails, and the well sized keys are very responsive to the users touch. The E5 weighs 126 grammes and measures 115 x 58.9 x 12.8 mm. A look around the handset finds a 3.5mm headphone jack, great for adding your own choice of headphones, as well as a micro USB port and a camera facility
located on the rear of the chassis.

The Nokia E5 comes with a good quality web browser. This Browser will appeal to a business user thanks to its support of full HTML as well as WAP 2.0. It also has the capability of displaying RSS feeds and possesses Flash Lite player v3.1. In terms of
connectivity, the E5 has enough under the bonnet to ensure the user is never without a good standard of connection. WiFi is featured, offering the best and fastest online experience when connected to your own router. Whilst on the move though the
specification is just as impressive. Internet access is achievable via 3G (HDSPA and HSUPA) or GPRS, with data transfer further enhanced thanks to EDGE technology. Bluetooth allows for connection to compatible products such as headsets and car audio
systems. The Nokia E5 has a micro SD slot, so depending on your use of the phone, memory can be expanded accordingly. An average user may require no more than a couple of gigabytes whereas somebody looking to take advantage of the phones excellent multimedia facilities may choose to upgrade to up to 32GB.

Thanks to host of features and the incredibly useful Qwerty keypad, the Nokia E5 is certainly a handset with a wide appeal, perhaps more so to the business type users and also fans of instant messaging.

Author: Emma Rosher

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