Saturday, 19 December 2009

Sony Ericsson Naite - complimenting life

Life is full of requirements and as the times are changing our requirements and needs are also growing.Sony Ericsson Naite enables the users to meet their communication and connectivity requirement with its outstanding features and neat casing. Being another member of the GreenHeart family, Sony Ericsson Naite is
ensuring that it maintains the same standards set by its predecessors.

Features at a glance:

To start with, the handset is manufactured of recycled plastic and also saves a lot of power when it is kept for charging because of its batteries. Available in colours, vapour silver and ginger red, the mobile phone measures 10.8cm by 4.7 cm by
1.26 cm and weighs 84 grams only. The phone is light weight and compact and that is its biggest advantage.The handset has GSM quad band network coverage and also the handset works on 3G HSDPA technology.

13 hours of talk time is what the handset supports with its low power consuming rechargeable batteries and 600 hours of time when the handset is on standby mode.Internal memory of 100 megabytes that the handset supports is outstanding and microSD type memory card slot which the handset supports enables the user to extend the provided memory to as much requirement is.Bluetooth connectivity is a great option that Sony Ericsson Naite provides its users. Other than the same, USB post is also there. EDGE technology ensures that the data transfer happens at a fast pace and 3G HSDPA technology provides the option of multitasking because of its capability of providing high speed of connectivity to net.

A good music player is what we have in the handset. It comes along RDS supported FM radio that lets the user to enjoy all music channels. Also, Bluetooth® stereo A2DP adaptor, MegaBass™ sound feature, PlayNow™, RDS FM radio feature and TrackID™ music
recognition features make the handset a great choice those music lovers.A camera of 2 megapixel enabling video blogging, streaming and video calling compliments Sony Ericsson Naite.

Author: payal jindal


Flights said...

I love these! I dropped my iPhone last week and cracked the screen. It still works but it looks awful so I will soon be looking for a new mobile :)

86 said...

nice posting