Thursday, 12 November 2009

The LG GD900 - Simple yet Functional

The LG GD 900 has many features to be to boast about. Although, like most other cell phones the LG GD 900 also has limitations when it comes to performance and features. Here are some of those limitations.

Some Limitations of the LG GD 900:

To begin with, the LG GD 900 is not touch screen. Unlike most of the cell phones available today, this cell phone employs the use of buttons to navigate through the phone.In addition to this, the LG GD 900 has limited internet access. This is due to the limited connectivity options of the phone. Therefore, you will not be able to enjoy the total exploration of the worldwide web using this mobile phone.

Furthermore, the LG GD 900 has limited shooting options when it comes to the camera. Being not touch sensitive, the said mobile phone definitely has shortcomings when it comes to capturing photos.Nevertheless, the LG GD 900 has many other features that
you can use to make your life a little bit easier. Some of these features are as follows.

Bonus Features:

The mobile device has an organizer that can help you plan and schedule your day to the letter.You will never have a hard time remembering all your appointments anymore.In addition, the cell phone has a Long battery life as stated in earlier articles. This will give you more time to use the phone to call and text all of your contacts in business or for personal use.

The said mobile device can also be used as a console for both gaming and entertainment. These features will surely help you suspend thinking of all your concerns and problems about your work or personal life. This is simple yet functional.

Author: Payal Jindal

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