Monday, 12 October 2009

The Nokia E52 is simply the best

The Nokia E52 has an appearance which is reminiscent of an earlier model of Nokia phone. However, when you delve into its plethora of features it becomes apparent that this phone is one of the most technologically advanced mobile phones available.
The raft of functions contained within such as small unit is in some ways unbelievable. The phone measures 116 mm x 49 mm wide and is just under 10 mm thick. It weighs 98 grams which puts it into the lightweight category. The phone utilises the ARM 11 600 MHz processor and Symbian operating system as the basis for its

The Nokia E52 offers a TFT screen which is 2.4 inches in size. It has a pixel screen size of 240x320 and displays up to 16 million colours and their variants accurately. This ensures images are shown in excellent clarity and with superb colour representation. The screen also comes with an accelerometer function which alters the aspect of images to their optimum aspect for viewing.

The phones camera is a 3.2 mega pixel camera which is ideal for taking photos whilst on the move. The camera comes with enhanced fixed focus and a LED flash for illumination of the subject being taken. The ability to take video footage is also an
important aspect of the phones capabilities, which it is able to do at VGA quality and 15 frames per second. This is suitable quality to ensure the video playback is able to be viewed comfortably within the large display screen. The phone comes
with internal memory set at 60Mb but usually with a 1 Gb microSD card included with some packages. Memory can be expanded up to 16 Gb by using the microSD slot.

The beauty of this phone is its internet access which is via its HSDPA and Wi-Fi connections which is at speeds of up to 10 Mbps. GPRS, HSCSD, EDGE, Blue tooth and microUSB are also all available and included within this comprehensive mobile phone.
Satellite navigation is provided by the GPS function which happens to come with A-GPS support and Nokia maps.

Nokia have built up a comprehensive range of mobile phones covering a diverse range of features. The latest versions, such as the Nokia N97 and the Nokia E55 have become popular handsets for one reason, they provide the mobile phone consumer with
exactly what they are looking for in a mobile phone in the current market, it is as simple as that.

Author: Alan Reed

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